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Since launching No18 interiors back in 2018 it’s been our goal to make interior design accessible for everyone. A lot of progress has been made since then, but there is still work to be done.


Everything we do and how we operate at No18 interiors is built upon this. That said, we’re always looking for new areas to grow and develop to make this happen…and our latest innovation/website function is the next part of the puzzle.


Do you find yourself searching the web for hours trying to find an item you’ve seen on pinterest, houzz, perhaps in a show home? Then this feature is for you.


Have you found an item you love online but want to understand if you can find it better value elsewhere? Then this feature is also for you.


What feature am I talking about…


This feature is something our web designers have been developing for quite some time to get it right. As time is precious, especially after the year we’ve faced and we’re spending more time at home, we wanted to make your shopping experience simple, less time consuming and more relevant. And that’s exactly what image search enables.


1.Click the camera image on the website main search bar 

2.Click 'upload image' and select your image of choice (this does works best if the item is on a white/neutral background)

3. This is the image I have chosen

4. We have an exact match and some close alternatives


It really is that simple, please don’t ask us how works as its extremely technical and my pea size brain still can’t process it, but it works.

It’s a great tool and something we’re very proud to have available on our site.


In addition to this there is a voice activated search (just click the little micro phone and say something…it will bring up the closed match) and the standard typing search.


All these functions are created and enabled to help make shopping online at no18 interiors, easy, simple and enjoyable and we hope you find them useful