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I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while now since we launched the new website.


Truth be told, day to day life and work has majorly got in the way of late, but I’ve got a podcast on, a cup of tea in tow and have allocated myself 20 minutes to write, so here goes.


I don’t have children, nor do I know what it feels like to have/nurture them, but for me, No18 interiors is my baby.


I’m Tara, and I am the founder/creator of No18 interiors. No18 interiors was born in 2018 after an 8 year long slog in the corporate world, becoming quite successful at a senior level. However with this came huge responsibility and plenty of stress. I was in charge of looking after, growing and winning multi million-pound contracts in the food and beverage industry. The eventualities of it were not for me and I made the decision to leave when It started to negatively impact my mental health.


Not many people quit their job after a bad day in the office, but I really did. I’d actually had a truly horrific day at work and to top it off, received a not so nice email from some idiot in finance…and boom that was enough for me to say ‘see ya later goodbye’. It was definitely not down to him why I eventually decided to leave, but it usually takes a final nail in the coffin to bring anything to a close and for me, it was him.


I handed my notice in that day and decided I was going to take the plunge to start my own business. An interiors business. Interiors is something i'm hugely passionate about bordering on obsession. I had studied interiors at uni and had already transformed many friends homes. After finding a business premises by major luck, I still had no name and literally nothing else. I even googled ‘cool names to call an interiors business’ (yes I actually searched that) and it wasn’t until my mum who is my biggest supporter said 'what about your lucky number' (No18). As the business premises were also No18 it felt like fate and I guess you could say the rest is history.


A lot of people criticised my decision to leave a successful career/job behind to start a business from scratch, with very little money, no investment or plan B. I guess that is part and parcel of making a decision that some view as a risk. But when you’re passionate about something, hard working and have lots of transferable skills and experiences gained from a past career, I knew if I applied myself and gave 100% I would some how make it work.


I won’t sugar coat it, running a business is terribly hard, but I’ve definitely laughed and smiled 100x more than I have cried. And the same can't be said for my previous career, where crying into a big mac meal at a motorway services was fast becoming the norm. Even on the tough days, loving what you do makes it borderline impossible to quit.

For me personally, there’s something about doing what you love for a living that makes everything feel a little lighter. Helping people find enjoyment and a new lease of life (or love) for their homes gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. This alone makes me strive to provide the best service possible every day.


Short and sweet, with lots more to share, but hopefully this helps you get to know a bit more about No18 Interiors. We are a small business with huge ambition and I will always be on a mission to make interior design accessible for everyone.


Lots of love,


Tara xoxo

Owner & Founder of No18 Interiors


(Just incase you want to a put a face to a name this is me drinking and eating too much as per)