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Over the past 12 months working from home became the norm for 99% of the population. It was possibly the first time we assessed our homes for their functionality and how we could quite literally make the space work well, for actual work.


What was once your child’s playroom or perhaps the walk-in wardrobe of dreams, had to fast become the most adaptable space in our homes. For those lucky enough to have a study or allocated office space we salute you with envy. Although let’s face it, was it previously the most vacant room in the house or the dumping ground for clean/dirty washing? Now finally getting utilised


Genuinely, who would have thought #Homeoffice would become one of the biggest #’s on the gram. But it is and how the world ‘worked’ previously has changed…possibly forever.

So let’s embrace the change and desperately try and draw on the positives.


Your home office should be a flexible practicable space, but we believe it can be the most stylish room in the house (legit).




Here are No18 Interiors 5 simple tips to help create a swoon worthy yet practical home office space:


1) Lighting is so important in any office space. If your new office has replaced the box room, keep your window area open to fill the room with natural light in the day. A desk lamp is a great way to add additional artificial light of an eve, for those late night graft shifts.

2)Purchasing a brand new desk for a temporary measure probably seems excessive. If you need to buy, why not go for something that pairs up as a dressing/console table too? Even better, if you have a dressing table, make the office it's new temporary home (2 birds one stone)

3)This won't work for everyone but it's something we absolutely advise (space permitting). Avoid placing your desk directly against a wall. Lets be honest, who wants to stare at wall, no matter how nice the wallpaper is. Place the desk central to the room. It will actually make the room feel bigger and a more open space for you to work in.

4) A mirror (of any kind) sited opposite the wall with the window is a must. It will reflect day light and make the space feel much bigger and more airy.

5) If you want to add some character/jazz up the room, without having to redecorate. Framed prints are a great value way of adding interest and making your new home office, feel super homely.

Here are some of our fave desks that team up perfectly as dressing/console tables: