No18 Interiors Style Guide

Edition 1: Grey Home Goals 

Photo credit: @home_sweet_home_46 

Arguably the most favourable colour Pallet in UK homes. Grey tones are quite literally taking over social media home accounts. So much so #greyhome now has over 90k tagged photos on Instagram.

It’s no surprise that over 10000 Insta home accounts utilise this colour pallet. Whether that is on walls, or incorporating chrome furniture and soft grey fabrics into their home decor. The insta home account take over is growing at the rate of knots and what a brilliant way to find all the interior design inspiration you could ever wish for, free of charge and in one place.

there are so many amazing grey homes on the gram, we felt the need to dedicate this article to one of them…

Photo credit: @home_sweet_home_46 

I mean seriously, where do we start…Green, sorry grey with envy? Yep, it’s completely natural, we are too!

What’s even more crazy, the 3 fabulous photos featured in this article aren’t from a film set, show home or an interior designers gaff, they are very much real, designed and most importantly lived in, by the fabulous Rosie .

Rosie need no introduction, if you have a home insta account and aren’t following home_sweet_home_46 …do you even have a home insta account?!?!

Rosie’s home ticks all the interior design boxes…throw in her hilarious insta stories and home_sweet_home_43  will have you hooked like 160,000 of us already!

We could go on for days around why we believe Rosie’s home is up there with the best grey houses not only on the gram, but in the UK. But we will try our best to quantify this into 3 key points


So how does Rosie do it?

Photo credit: @home_sweet_home_46 


Home_sweet_home_46 show cases this perfectly. From the matching side tables to the exquisitely styled, yet balanced console table. Creating a harmonious & aesthetically pleasing feeling room.


utilising a variety of textures and finishes creates incredible depth and home_sweet_home_46 demonstrates this beautifully, From the velvet dining chairs to the drift wood mirror.


Although Predominantly grey, the diverse mix of grey tones utilised adds enhanced dimension. Combining, silver, dove grey and warm grey tones, creates an incredibly complimentary colour pallet. Each item/piece of furniture commands attention in its own right.

You wanted to know, so NO18 asked Rosie!

No18) What are your top tips to having a successful instagram home account?

Rosie) It’s really simple; Take good quality pictures that look appealing, post them at peak times and make sure you use the relevant hashtags. Stories are also very important to grow your following. Be yourself and have fun on your page and your account will grow.

No18) Nobbly Bobbly Vs Pick & Mix…you can only choose ONE?

Rosie) That is so hard!!!! As I’m addicted to both! Going to have to say pic & mix because you can take them everywhere with you. But Nobbly Bobbly’s are still my true love lol.

Thank you to the fabulous Rosie! To see what all the fuss  is about, check out home_sweet_home_46 on Instagram!

wANT TO CREATE YOUR VERY OWN GREY HOME? start with some statement pieces

gem wall mirror

The Gem wall mirror is notable for its segmented frame that gives it a pleated look. Each segment is rectangular in shape and boasts a slightly curved plane. This curved plane helps to lend depth to this sleek statement piece and encourages light to react with its surface.

edna table lamp

The Edna table lamp adds a dramatic feature to any living room, bedroom or hallway. The Large glass base is incredibly bold yet beautiful, complimented wonderfully by its grey cotton shade and chrome detailing starting from the base and running right through the centre of the lamp.

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